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Magic Mushroom!


By Steven, Thursday 09 June 2011

Mark Farina is a great DJ who refuses to be defined.  He is equally at home doing downtempo as well as Chicago and Jazzy house genres.
The Mushroom Jazz series are great collectors items and are increasingly difficult to find on the CD format, so I wouldn't hesitate owning this one, which is as good as any in the series.
Brilliant dope beats, floaty soulful vocals and hip hop samples.

This album is seamless and sublime!

Out of Town


By Bruce Tantum , Friday 18 June 2010

For any situation in which horizontal is the preferred state, Out Of Town is hard to beat!

It's certainly not peak-time material-but as the soundtrack for some sunny lounging on the porch, the day after a bit of overindulgence, or any other situation in which horizontal is the preferred state, it would be hard to beat this new album from Phil Mison. The U.K. DJ-producer, a longtime champion of the Balearic/chill-out sound, has crafted an elegant, hazy vibe that's as rich in melody and instrumentation as it is soothing in its overall ambience. With its warm synth washes, sparkling keys, soothing strings and gliding cadences, listening to Out of Town is like diving into a warm and inviting sea of tranquility. And sometimes, that can be a pretty good place to land.


Deep And Meaningful!


By Steven, Sunday 13 June 2010

The production brains behind the U.K. Soul/House outfit: Crazy Penis, Jim Baron has released his first solo album.
The sound is Deep & Sexy disco house with some outstanding vocals by Danielle Moore from Crazy P and a track that sounds remarkably like Joe Dukie from Fat Freddy's Drop called "Into My Life".
I have found myself going back to this fantastic album again and again, and I think we'll still be listening to this in 5 years time!

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